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Current State Nursing CME Requirements
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State Term CE Requirements
(contact hours)
Requirements for "Live" Hours
Alabama 1 Pharmacists shall obtain no less than 15 hours of approved continuing (CE) 3
Alaska 2 30 hours of continuing education accepted by the board 0
Arizona 2 30 contact hours (3.0 CEU's) of continuing education activity sponsored by an Approved Provider, of which at least three contact hours (0.3CEU's) are approved courses in pharmacy law. 0
Arkansas 2 Thirty (30) hours of continuing education every biennium. 12
California 2 Pharmacists are required to have completed a total of 30 hours of continuing education during the renewal period. If a CE course is not accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) or the Accreditation Evaluation Service (AES), you may petition the board for CE credit by submitting a "Pharmacists Petition for Continuing Education Credit from A Non-Recognized Provider" form and a fee of $40 per hour of coursework. When submitting the petition, a copy of the completion certificate and a copy of the course brochure or advertisement and course outline is also required. 0
Colorado 2 24 hours of continuing pharmaceutical education currently approved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education or an equivalent accrediting body as determined by the board. 0
Connecticut 1 15; At least one of the fifteen contact hours shall be on the subject matter of pharmacy law or drug law. 5
Delaware 2 30 0
District of Columbia 2 30 0
Florida 2 30 hours of CE per biennium (two year licensure period), one (1) hour HIV/AIDS, and 2 hours Pharmaceutical Education on medication errors per biennium (may be counted towards required CE hours). 10
Georgia 2 30 0
Guam 1 15 contact hours or passing grade on an exam administered by the Guam Board of Examiners for Pharmacy 0
Hawaii 2 30 beginning January 1, 2008 0
Idaho 1 15 contact hours; At a minimum, eight clock hours (0.8CEU) will be all or a combination of American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) approved programs. One clock hour (0.1 CEU) must be Board of Pharmacy approved jurisprudence (pharmacy law) programs. A maximum of six clock hours (0.6 CEU) may be non-APCE approved programs. 3
Illinois 2 30 0
Indiana 2 30; A maximum of one-fifth (1/5) of the total hours may be business, management, or computer courses. At least four-fifths (4/5) of the total hours must be pharmacy practice related. least one-half (1/2) of the total hours must be provided by sponsors approved by ACPE 0
Iowa 2 30; 15 hours must be in drug-therapy coursework. Drug therapy courses are identifiable by the ACPE program number. The final two characters of a drug therapy course ID number will be "01." 0
Kansas 2 30 0
Kentucky 2 Pharmacists should have proof of fifteen (15) hours of general pharmacy continuing education completed and certified by December 31, at their primary place of practice available for review by the pharmacy and drug inspectors. Pharmacists shall keep valid records, receipts, and certifications of continuing pharmacy education programs completed for three (3) years and submit the certification to the board on request. All courses and/or providers shall be Kentucky Board of Pharmacy or American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) approved. 0
Louisiana 1 15 hours of ACPE-approved education 0
Maine 1 15 hours of board approved continuing education is required with renewal. 0
Maryland 2 30 0
Massachusetts 2 A registrant seeking renewal of a personal registration must complete a minimum of 1.5 CEUs (15 contact hours) each calendar year of the two-year renewal cycle. Of the 15 contact hours, at least two contact hours shall be in the area of pharmacy law; and not more than ten contact hours shall be acquired through home study and other mediated instruction. 10
Michigan 2 30 0
Minnesota 2 30 0
Mississippi 2 30 0
Missouri 2 30 contact hours per biennium; no carry over is allowed 0
Montana 1 15 CEU's required each renewal period.5 of the 15 CEU must be contact/group hours. 1st renewal period after original licensure is exempt from reporting of Continuing Education. 5
Nebraska 2 30 hours of ACPE-approved continuing education required for each renewal period (no restrictions on home study versus live) 0
Nevada 2 30 0
New Hampshire 1 15; carry over is not allowed 5
New Jersey 2 30 0
New Mexico 2 30 contact hours for license renewal including (2)hours in the subject area pharmacy law by attending a Board of Pharmacy law program. Pharmacists with an active license, who do not practice pharmacy in this state, may substitute an ACPE accredited program in the subject area Pharmacy Law in lieu of attending a Board approved program in New Mexico. 0
New York 3 A minimum of 45 contact hours is required in each three-year registration period, at least 3 of the required hours must be formal continuing education on strategies and techniques to reduce medication and prescription errors. 23
North Carolina 1 15; The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has not approved Internet continuing education programs for contact hours. It may be possible to find an ACPE approved program available electronically and in that case it would be eligible for non-contact hour approval. 5
North Dakota 2 30. There may be no carryover or extension of continuing education units with the exception that continuing education units obtained twelve months prior to the end of each two-year reporting period may be used in that two-year reporting period or the following reporting period. 0
Ohio 3 60 contact hours (6 CEUs) of approved continuing education shall be submitted by the date indicated on the continuing pharmacy education report form and at intervals not to exceed three years. At least 0.3 CEUs of the total must be obtained from Ohio state board of pharmacy approved programs in jurisprudence. 0
Oklahoma 1 15 0
Oregon 1 15; minimum of one hour must be completed in the area of pharmacy or drug law or legal aspects of health care. 0
Pennsylvania 2 30 0
Rhode Island 1 15 5
South Carolina 1 15; At least fifty percent of the total number of hours required must be in drug therapy or patient management. 6
South Dakota 1 12 0
Tennessee 2 30 15
Texas 2 30 0
Utah 2 24; minimum of 6 hours in drug therapy or patient management. 8
Vermont 2 30 10
Virginia 1 15 0
Washington 1 15 0
West Virginia 2 30; 2 CE hours in end of life care. All acceptable programs will be a minimum of two hours with time allotted evenly between palliative care and chronic pain management and symptoms management at end-of-life.Programs must be submitted to the Board's continuing education committee for approval and assignment of a number in this special subject matter. 6
Wisconsin 2 30 0
Wyoming 1 12 0
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